Remove Nose Hair with Wax!

Did you know that you can remove nose hair with wax?  I never really thought of trying this until I was bopping around Amazon looking for some other personal care products recently.  It occurred to me that this is very much a do it yourself project.  I suppose there might be some folks out there […]

DIY Goldendoodle Grooming

Goldendoodle Haircuts are Expensive!!! Do you know how much it costs to get a dog groomed nowadays? I know, it varies a lot by the type and size of dog, but around my part of the world, it costs about 80 bucks. At least it does for my very hairy pooch. She’s an amazingly lovable […]

Favorite Designer Bags That You Can Actually Afford

There are a lot of women who simply adore beautiful designer purses and handbags. There is something about them that seems to exude elegance and good taste. The best creative minds are brought together to come up with the designs and they focus their lives on creating beautiful new purses and handbags for women to […]

This is Why People Buy Berndes Signocast Cookware

Some people are OK with buying cheap cookware at Walmart and replacing it repeatedly.  Hey, no judging here.  I’ve done that for years.  However, I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes you’re better off buying something decent once instead.  I recently became aware of a quality brand of cookware that doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount […]

Dog Proof Trash Cans and More

I’m definitely a dog person.  I’ve had them as pets for most of my life.  I’ve noticed something though, even the best dogs seem to reach their limit of self control when it comes to good smelling human food.  Personally, I’ve found that purchasing  dog proof trash cans will go a long way toward keeping my […]

A Couponing Hobby Can Save You Money

Getting Serious About Using Coupons There are a lot of people who think that hobbies are little more than an expensive diversion. The truth is, there is at least one hobby that can actually save you a ton of money. Of course I’m talking about couponing. For those who may have never heard the term […]

Buy Extra Large Dog Houses at Discounted Prices

Where the Big Dogs Like to Hang Out Who needs an extra large dog houses? Anyone with a big dog or more than one smaller dog if they spend a fair amount of time outside! I’ve had dogs around pretty much all of my life, and although they never came right out and told me, […]

This is Why You Should Buy Your Pet Ferret Toys

Choose Safe Ferret Accessories to Stimulate Little Fuzzy Minds Ferret toys are a great addition to your ferret’s home environment. They stimulate their minds and keep them occupied when you can’t be there devoting “floor time” to them. Still, you can’t just throw any old thing into your ferret’s cage and cut them loose on […]

Office Etiquette and Manners at Work

Common Courtesy at Work Office etiquette and good manners are an afterthought to some people. Sometimes it seems like people have forgotten how to treat each other in a professional setting. When people don’t act appropriately, it can make going to work a very uncomfortable experience. My hope is that this post will make things a […]

30 Days from Today

What can you accomplish in 30 days? 30 days from today, you could be quite a different individual if you put your mind to it. You could learn a new skill, develop a talent, or just get a better understanding of yourself and your goals. Today more than ever, there are resources available that can […]

Cheap Rooster Kitchen Decor You’ll Love!

Decorating with Roosters Even though we often think of roosters in the kitchen as a part of Americana, the idea of rooster home decor didn’t originate in the United States. The roosters I remember in my Grandmother’s kitchen were a connection for her to her younger years spent in Italy. Today you can find rooster […]

Buy 70s Clothes: Cool Costumes and Funky Fashions!

70s Clothes Live! Over the past few years, there’s been a renewed interest in 70s clothes. Yes, those funky duds that people sometimes scoff at, have become popular again for a variety of reasons. Some people just like to be different. Other folks love to take fashions from the past and blend them into today’s […]

Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plans Made Easy!

Resources for Creating a Differentiated Classroom If you teach today, differentiated instruction lesson plans are a part of your weekly routine. If they aren’t yet, they are probably coming. The fact is, today’s classrooms are much different than what most adults remember from the days of their youth. Laws related to inclusion, standardized testing, educational […]

Cheap Hamster Cages for Sale

A New Home for Your Hamster Buying a hamster cage isn’t something you need to do very often. As long as you buy a quality cage you won’t have to worry about changing it any time soon. Some factors come in to play when selecting a cage that makes the decision a little bit more […]

Countertop Cereal Dispensers

Dispensing Wisdom About Cluttered Countertops A countertop cereal dispenser can work magic when it comes to getting your kitchen space organized. I really don’t obsess over such things, but my kitchen looked like an explosion of kid’s cereal commercials. Everywhere I looked it seemed like there were Lucky Charm Leprechauns, happy Honey Nut Bees, or […]

Get the Best Prices on Propane Heaters for Homes

Propane Room Heaters – What is the best choice? Propane room heaters are a great way to warm up a chilly game room or basement. Vent free propane heaters are a versatile and inexpensive solution that helps you to avoid cranking up the main thermostat in your home (and the heating bill that goes with […]

The Best Garden Tool Storage Racks

Organize Garden Tools and Eliminate the Clutter One of the handiest things you can buy when you want to clean up the garage is a garden tool storage rack. I’ve become a much more organized person as I’ve gotten older. When I first started working on getting my garage in shape, I realized that my […]

Buy a Gas Powered Post Hole Digger Online

Powered Post Hole Diggers Make Life Easier A gas powered post hole digger is not something that’s needed in every home. If you just have a small project to complete, it might be total overkill. Sometimes you can get by with using a manual approach to labor. Other times though, the trade off in time […]

Where Can You Buy a Ceramic Water Crock Dispenser?

Ceramic Alternatives to Water Bottles A friend of mine bought me a ceramic water crock dispenser when she came to visit my house for the first time. I never knew that they existed, but I really like having my water at the ready now. A huge bottle of water standing in the corner of the […]