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What’s the Best Way to Remove Hair from Your Nose?

nose hair removal

When you were younger, did you ever think that you would be looking for the best way to remove nose hair from your own nose?  I certainly never thought this would happen.  I never really thought of trying the method described below until I was bopping around Amazon looking for some other personal care products recently.  So, what is the best way to remove hair from your nose?  The truth is, it depends a lot on your personality.  Do you prefer to rip a band-aid off quickly, or do you linger over it, carefully peeling it back millimeter by millimeter?  You’ve got sort of the same choice when it comes to getting rid of nose hair.  We’ll start with the peeling back the band-aid approach, and then go from there.

How to Remove Nose Hair

You’ve probably already thought of this, but there ARE nose hair trimmers out there.  At least you know you aren’t the only one dealing with the problem of thick nose hair.    These are the gentle approach.  This method requires more maintenance and some patience, but you can get by on that if you don’t like the “quick strike” method described below.  I’ve tried some of the best nose hair trimmers out there (THESE are very good), but I wanted to try something that would last a little bit longer.

Is This the Best Way?

My recent discovery was nose hair waxing.  Yes, it sounds brutal, but it also sounds like a solution for people who don’t want to shove a trimmer up their nose multiple times each week! It occurred to me that this is very much a do it yourself project.  I suppose there might be some folks out there who have their nose hairs professionally maintained, but I wouldn’t even know who to ask to perform such a service.  Is there such a profession as “nose hair waxer”?  Besides, who knows what might get yanked out of there?

best way to remove hair from your nose

Behold… A nose hair waxing kit for men and women. This is Definitely a do it yourself job!

Quick and Easy

As I’ve grown older, I’ve definitely noticed that some strange things have started to happen to the various hairs on my body.  I’ve often stood in front of the mirror wondering why the thick hair that used to grow on top of my head has decided to migrate to other parts of my body.  It’s magical almost.  My scalp has started showing itself and other small parts of my body are suddenly trying to protect themselves from cold weather.  It’s as though my nose, eyebrows, and even my outer ears have lost their minds.  Crazy, out of control, old man hairs now sprout from these places and grow as a rate that far out-paces any hair I’ve ever grown before.  I was totally freaked out the first time my barber used a comb and hair trimmers to clean up my eyebrows.  When did this nonsense start???

So I’ve watched in horror for years as various people have talked about waxing things all over their bodies.  Now the idea of using a glob of warm wax to yank spiders out of my nose is actually looking like a semi-attractive option.  Using scissors and even trimmers doesn’t really do a very thorough job of removing nose hairs.  It also has to be done way more often than I’d like to admit.  I’ve heard that nose hair razors exist, but the possibility of a painful slip seems way too likely for me to consider that option.

Video Demonstration

I was able to find a wonderful demonstration video, so I thankfully didn’t have to try to video myself while doing this procedure.  Check it out.

The process of removing your nose hairs with wax is pretty simple really (follow the directions on whatever product you buy if you try this).  You trim down the current crop of nose hairs, warm up the nose hair wax for about a minute, then use the supplied applicator to fill one nostril at a time with the wax  that will grab on to those hairs you could reach on your own.  Let the wax set for a minute, then yank those puppies out with one swift motion.  The resultant hairy glob of furry wax can be scraped off of the applicator if you are thrifty and want to reuse the applicator.  If you are the crafty type, you might even want to make yourself some very interesting homemade earrings with your wax globs.  They certainly would be amazing conversation starters, wouldn’t they?  If you are interested in waxing your nose hair with me, it looks like the best brand to go with is Nad’s Nose Wax for Men and Women.  If you do, please come back to share your comments!  If you agree that this is the best way to remove hair from your nose, please give us the details of your nose waxing experience.  No photos are necessary.

What are Some Common Beauty Myths?

common beauty myths

There is an awful lot of misinformation out there concerning the best and worst ways to keep yourself looking good.  Here is a video to help debunk a few of the most common.  Have you ever wondered about any of these things?

  • Will chocolate make me break out?
  • Can you fix split ends on your hair?
  • Should I brush my hair 100 times each day?
  • Does Preparation H get rid of eye bags?
  • Should I only buy expensive beauty products?

Press play for the answers to these and other common beauty questions.

More Thoughts on Common Beauty Myths and Mistakes

  • Along the way, as you are trying to look your very best, you may have come across a lot of different pieces of beauty advice that aren’t very good. There is plenty of information out there that is not only silly, but flat out wrong. Here are just a few beauty myths that are not true and do not help your beauty regime.
  • Sitting doesn’t cause you varicose veins, or spider veins. The myth would have you believe that sitting causes these veins to pop out. That is not so. While sitting for long periods is not great, it does not cause these veins.
  • Shaving hair does not make the hair grow darker and thicker. The myth says that when you shave, you cause the hair to grow in thicker. That is false. What happens is that when you shave, you cut the hair at its thickest point, so it just seems as if it grows back in darker and thicker.common beauty myths
  • Trimming hair does not help your hair grow faster. In fact, your hair grows from the top of your head, so whatever you do at the bottom of your hair will have no effect on its ability to grow.
  • You cannot really prevent stretch marks. This is a hotly contested one. Some people claim that you are able to prevent stretchmarks by putting cocoa butter and vitamin E on your belly, but this is just not always the case. If you don’t have stretchmarks, it is largely due to your genetics.
  • Toothpaste does not help your acne problems. When you take the time to read up on it, the myth that toothpaste clears up acne is not accurate, and most of us have tried it and found out for ourselves.
  • Tanning is not good for your skin. The myth would have you believe that tanning is great for you, because it is not the sun. However, tanning is not perfect and can also lead to skin problems if you overdo it.
  • Back sleeping does not prevent wrinkles. The myth says that when you sleep on your back, all the skin on your face falls back so that you are left with a smooth countenance. While that may be so, it has no bearing on whether you develop wrinkles.
  • Pulling out grey hairs, or plucking them, does not cause them to multiply. The myth says that you are just causing millions of grey hairs to sprout when you pull one grey hair, but that is absolutely impossible! Pulling out one hair only has to do with one hair follicle. There is no way for you to create more follicles that would only produce grey hairs.
  • For you to take good care of yourself, you need to rely on information that is both accurate and helpful. The myths in this article continue to be perpetuated by people, even though they are not true. Therefore, if you have been thinking that some of these are true, you can now move on to better pieces of information that better serve you and your beauty regime.

How Can Women Save Time Getting Ready?

how to save time

We live in a hurry up world.  Here are some simple ideas for saving time on daily rituals.

Video Tips for Saving Time on Makeup

There are so many things going on in today’s world. It seems like everyone is busier than ever, and it can seem like you don’t really have time for yourself. How can you create a beauty regime when you’re rushing around all the time? That’s what this article hopes to tell you. You don’t need to neglect your beauty regime in order to look great, and here are some beauty tips that will help you.

It’s easy for you to start feeling sorry for yourself, but that’s why you need to take stock of what is happening, before you start doing anything else. Take a look at how you look. What needs to be changed? What can be left alone? What do you want to work on and what do you want to ignore? That’s when you can start formulating a plan.

Get Yourself a Plan!

Come up with a plan. When you know what your priorities are, that’s when you know that you don’t need to do everything. Priorities make things much easier for you. If you plan on just wearing your hair naturally because you don’t care about it as much as making sure your face is made up, that has allowed you to eliminate a lot of time.

To take a shortcut as far as your hair is concerned, shower and wash your hair at night. This is a great way to save time in the morning. Not only that, but if you braid your hair when you get out of the shower, in the morning you will have a sort of curled, crimped hair texture that would have taken you about half an hour to create on to save time

To save time when you apply your makeup, consider that you don’t need as much makeup as you think you do. Do you really need foundation and primer and finishing powder? If you’re in a hurry, do the bare minimum. You will probably find that you look just as good as you did before.

Have your clothes laid out from the night before. A lot of us were told that by our mothers but didn’t do much about it. That’s why you should definitely take your clothes out the night before. You don’t want to be scrambling out the door and not quite sure what you’re wearing. Your clothing can help define you, and it’s easier for you to deal with the importance of your outfit when you aren’t rushing out the door in it. Take your time, coordinate your colors an look great.

You always have time to look great. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to do a total overhaul of your look. You probably look better than you give yourself credit for, and that’s why you need to use the tips in this article. The tips here are a springboard for you, so that you can take on more tips if you want, after doing some research on your own. Keep looking great, but more than that, know that you look good.