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Cheap Rooster Kitchen Decor You’ll Love!

Decorating with Roosters

Even though we often think of roosters in the kitchen as a part of Americana, the idea of rooster home decor didn’t originate in the United States. The roosters I remember in my Grandmother’s kitchen were a connection for her to her younger years spent in Italy. Today you can find rooster kitchen decor in clocks, rugs, ceramic canisters, covers for burners… almost everywhere in the kitchen. The brightly colored rooster brings life to your kitchen even if the walls are painted with muted tones. Even in an ultra modern kitchen, the image of a rooster can make a connection with visitors and evoke feelings of comfort.

Rooster Kitchen Towels

Rooster kitchen towels are an inexpensive accessory for your kitchen, but their bright colors (mostly) grab the attention of anyone who crosses your kitchen threshold. Some say that the devil is in the details. If you are working toward a country rooster look, you’ll find that this little item works nicely to bring things together.

Some folks use these towels mostly for show, but I always end up grabbing them and putting them to work. Plus, I can’t stand having wet hands after I wash them.

Rooster Kitchen Curtains

Rooster curtains for kitchen decor that feels like home!
You know that if you are going to decorate your kitchen in a rooster theme, you’ve got to consider some rooster themed country curtains. The curtains are often one of the last things that a casual do-it-yourself designer thinks about. When your ready to add just the right curtains as a finishing touch, check out these nifty rooster curtains.

Ever seen a rooster get “stuck” before?
One funny rooster video coming up.

I’m not sure if this rooster is an over-achiever or if he just needs a nudge! This is funny to watch, but I’ll bet the neighbors are less than thrilled with this guy.

Rooster Wall Clocks

There are rooster kitchen clocks to suit pretty much any taste. I much prefer the classic, more toned down look, but as you can see here, there are also kitchen clocks for people who like their roosters to look a little more “out there”. My favorites are the Chanticleer Wall clock (there’s just something about those Roman numerals that I like) and the Country Rooster Wall clock that has an antique finish look. I also like that they’re big enough to see from across the kitchen. My kids love the Bird-A-Tude and requested it for their room! One of the great things about collecting, or designing around a broad theme, like roosters, is that you have enough wiggle room to show off your creative side. It is way more than just buying a bunch of things that look like some particular item. You’ve got to get a little bit of personality involved if you really want it to be fun!

More Roosters in the Kitchen

Hard to find country decor
There are so many “little things” that you can add to a rooster themed kitchen, and most of them are not very expensive. Once you start getting into a certain theme, you start noticing all sorts of things that you’d like to add. For this section, I thought I’d show off some of the things I’ve had a hard time finding in my local stores. Even though there are a lot of rooster lovers out there, shelf space is limited in the “real” world, and little knick knacks like these often get pushed aside for bigger sellers. I was thrilled to find a round rooster rug. I’ve never seen one of those where I live. Likewise, I thought the rooster night light was extremely cool! If you are really ready to commit to the rooster theme, be sure to check out the mosaic backsplash. I love it!

Don’t do this to YOUR tile

I was looking at the backsplash shown above, and it reminded me of another story involving my grandmother. According to family legend, my grandfather had quite the temper… especially if he had a few too many. There was a noticeable chip in the glass tile that adorned my grandmother’s kitchen wall. The story goes that she really ticked her husband off one day and he launched a bottle of wine across the kitchen. It made the chip and it was never repaired. Considering that he was a tile setter and the one who put up all of that tile, leaving it that way never made sense to me. I never got to meet my grandfather. He passed away years before I was born. Somehow though, in some weird way, when I looked at that damaged wall, I felt like I got a little glimpse into a story from the past.

Rooster Wall Decor

Decorate that wall! You’ve thought of almost every other nook and cranny, that’s when its time to get creative with that oh so valuable wall space. You simply cannot leave the walls bare when you are trying to show off a them (like roosters). Rooster wall clocks are a great way to finish things off.

Decorative Roosters on eBay

Do you love the vintage look of older rooster decor? Then you better head out to some estate sales being held at farms. Or, you could just check out what is for sale on eBay. I love looking here for unusual older items that you would never find in stores today. This is also where you can sometimes find skilled home based crafters showing off their wares. Even if you don’t intend to buy anything, these really are fun to look at when your dreaming of your next kitchen update.

How to Set a Home Renovation Budget and Stick to It

House as glowing lantern

Whether your project is a small fix or a big addition, you still want to be able to stick to your budget. This isn’t always easy, but the steps below should make it more achievable. Read on to find out how to create a budget and then stick to it without compromising quality or the end result.

Create a Home Renovation Budget

  • The most important step for you to take is to create a comprehensive budget. Once you have done that, including everything from the smallest nail to the largest sheet of drywall, add 20%. This cushion of cash will allow you to hire people when you can’t get the job done yourself, fix problems as they come up or pay more for items which end up being pricier than you expected. If you don’t leave some extra room, you won’t be able to stick to your budget. home renovation budget
  • Contact local vendors to find out if you can get deals on the items you buy. For example, call your local hardware store and ask if they can give you a contractor’s discount if you choose them over their big box competition. You can also ask for discounts from contractors you are considering as they will be likely to give you what you ask so that you select them over your other options.
  • A great way to save money on your project is to rent tools and equipment. Whether you need a saw or a bulldozer, it’s always cheaper to rent than to buy something you won’t use frequently in the future. Obviously, you should buy a hammer or a level, something you can use many times, but anything job-specific should be rented instead. Contact your local hardware stores to find out what sort of rental plans they have in place.
  • Measuring two or even three times will help you budget correctly. If you misunderstand how much of a product you need, you will underestimate its cost. If you end up buying an item which is cut incorrectly, you will have to pay again for a replacement. Measuring correctly is key, and for items which you buy pre-measured, such as paint or tiles, buy a little extra in case some of it ends up damaged or lost.
  • Consider carefully the projects you want to do by yourself and those you need an expert to complete. A job like painting is easy and can be done on your own, but electrical work isn’t a project a novice should complete. As you create your budget, be honest with yourself about your own skills and experience. If you end up making a mess of the work, you will not only pay for the supplies you used, but also the extra time it takes to fix the problem.
  • When you have a rock solid budget in place, paired with a comprehensive plan for your project, you will be good to go. You’ll get the job done more efficiently and you’ll end up under budget when the work is complete. Thanks to the tips in this article, you know how to do it right, so make it so!

Art Collecting Dummies

Art collecting dummies

I like to learn new things.  I think that’s probably a trait that’s common among do it yourself types.  Anyway, I got an itch to learn about art a while back, so I started doing a little research.  I learned a lot, including the fact that there are a LOT of art collecting dummies just like me in the world.  Yes, there are many well respected experts in the field, but some of them are just a little ummm… shall we say “aloof”?

Art Collecting: A Beginner’s  Very Basic Guide

Collecting art is a  stimulating and inspiring hobby for anyone. It isn’t just for the rich and famous, but regular everyday people too. There areArt collecting dummies various forms of artwork that you can choose from, especially since art’s definition can greatly vary from one person to another. However, it doesn’t really matter what its form is, you”re the one to make the call on what is attractive and how much are you willing to spend for a particular piece.

Should You Buy Originals or Prints?

In the art world, some people may look down on others due to their different tastes in picking out art. For instance, there are those people who only buy original works.  They would never even consider buying prints. However, you should take note that if you”re just starting to collect art and you are doing it for enjoyment, then originals are not really necessary to buy, especially if they are way out of your budget.

There is really nothing wrong with buying prints. In fact, these are one superb way to have framed art that would look lovely on your wall, just like how an original would look, but at a way lower price. Although here, you would not be having the same texture as the original work; since originals usually show dimension and texture, while prints won’t.   Most people can live with that when they consider the difference in price.

Many art collectors have art prints by different artists, which were purchased fairly inexpensively from the Internet, galleries and art fairs. Amazingly, such pieces still look tasteful and classy, instead of cheap looking like what most people expect.

What About Frames?

Once you spot an original or print that you like, you have the option to frame it by yourself or get somebody else to do it for you. Generally, you can find frames in a vast price range, starting from cheaper metal frames to ornate and hand carved wooden frames costing a small fortune.

You don’t have to hurry through the process when picking out the mat you want to use. In fact, you should take your time and deliberate on it carefully, since the mat and frame color combinations can have a great effect on how the piece will look when it is hung on your wall.  You should also consider how the frame will fit-in in whatever place you”ll put it, like your home or your office.

If you want a clean and contemporary look, it’s recommended that you check out Nielsen brushed metal frames, which are not only cheap but are still elegant looking too. These usually come in different colors. Nevertheless, it’s safe to go for black or bronze.  If you find another frame that you like, you certainly should go ahead and purchase it over anything recommended here though.

If you”ll be placing your art in a gallery, bronze will do well, especially since it won’t cost you too much. After all, most people that buy art from galleries will have the art they purchase re-framed anyway so that it will fit their home’s decor.


Doing It Yourself in the Winter

It's Cold!!

As 2011 draws to a close, how many do it yourself projects have you managed to complete?  Did you have a plan to get a certain number of things done around the house, or do you just take the projects as they come?  I find that I’m much better with getting things finished if I have a list to work off of over time.  I try to make sure that I’m checking things off at a reasonable rate.  How much gets done depends a lot on the time of year and what else is going on though.

  • The Craftsman brand is introducing 70 new tools for Christmas this year.  They’ve got a lot of faith that people are going to get some major projects done.  Check out this quote: Men said landscaping (49 percent), making property improvements, like building retaining walls or laying patio bricks (34 percent) or fixing a deck (27 percent) top the list of outdoor projects. Others plan to focus the work inside and will install shelves / storage systems (30 percent) or light fixtures (27 percent); assemble, repair or refinish furniture (24 percent); or install or repair appliances (23 percent). Do you see anything you need to get done listed here?
  • Do you suffer from cabin fever during the winter?  I’ll be honest with you, I’m not the biggest fan of winter weather.  I much prefer to hang out in the sun.  Some good advice to to keep moving during the cold winter months.  Use the time to take on those little inside projects that have been nagging at you (or that someone else has been nagging about).