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Dog Proof Garbage Cans for the Kitchen are Essential!

dog proof trash cans

Keep Dogs Out of the Trash

I’m definitely a dog person.  I’ve had them as pets for most of my life.  (If you’ve got a minute, read about my goldendoodle clipping experience)  I’ve noticed something though, even the best dogs seem to reach their limit of self control when it comes to good smelling human food.  Personally, I’ve found that purchasing  dog proof trash cans will go a long way toward keeping my furry friends out of troubledog proof trash cans.  The key to buying a dog proof kitchen trash can seems to be finding one that has a lid that is heavy enough to resist prying noses.  If you try to simply purchase one of those cheap bins with a plastic flap on top, Fido will make short work of getting to the scraps you threw away after dinner.  If you want to keep dogs out of indoor trash cans, you’ve got to be smarter than your dog!  Your pet doesn’t have your discriminating tastes.  They don’t get the concept of “garbage” when there’s a bunch of perfectly edible dinner scraps sitting right in front of their nose!

Dog Proofing Tools for Your Home

Here are two very handy products.  The first is a garbage can that’s meant to keep pets out and garbage in.  The lid closes tight and opens when you step on the pedal.  The second product is actually meant for storing your dog’s food.  I wanted to include this because a lot of people have problems with their dogs going after their food supply when they aren’t supposed to be eating.  A container like this also helps to keep unwanted critters from getting into your dog’s food supply.

 simplehuman 50L-Liter / 13-Gallon Semi-Round Step Trash Can, Black Plastic simplehuman 30-Liter Pet Food Storage Can, Brushed Stainless Steel

Take Care of Your Dog

Another thought on dogs for the day is how important it is to keep a current ID tag on them.  I’m talking about the kind of tag that has the dog’s name and the phone number(s) to call to contact the owner in the event that the dog gets separated from its family.  I recently found a rather old dog wandering around my yard looking lost.  It was extremely friendly, and my kids wanted to adopt it, but I figured that someone would be missing it soon because it did have a vaccination tag  and a little bell on its collar.  The problem was, the clinic that provided the tag was closed for the weekend and that was the only phone number I could find.  After walking around door to door with the dog for quite a while, we did eventually get it reunited with its owner, but things would have been much simpler if there had been a phone number to call the minute the dog was found.  I’m not writing this to chastise anyone, but to remind them.  I actually realized that day that only one of my two dogs has such a tag on its collar.  Getting a new tag with contact info is on the short term to do list for this week.

How Much Does Your Dog Eat, Really?

Finally, I thought I’d mention something that others might be dealing with.  For about a year, I could not understand how my dogs were getting fat.  I’d actually been giving them less food than was recommended on the bag, but their weight kept increasing.  Finally, I started watching them from inside the house.  It seems that they’d gotten into a routine of getting treats from several of my dog loving neighbors who were meeting them at the fence.  I talked to the neighbors (nicely) and they cut back the treats a bit.  Suddenly the dogs were getting back into shape.  If your dog is mysteriously gaining weight, you might want to ask the neighbors if they’ve been handing out treats to them (but be polite about it!)

Buy Extra Large Dog Houses at Discounted Prices

Where the Big Dogs Like to Hang Out

Who needs an extra large dog houses? Anyone with a big dog or more than one smaller dog if they spend a fair amount of time outside! I’ve had dogs around pretty much all of my life, and although they never came right out and told me, they sure do seem to like having a place to just hang out and call their own. These extra large dog houses give your canine companion their very own safe space to feel safe and relax. Being able to get out of the elements when necessary is pretty nice too!

Top 4 Extra Large Dog Houses

Save yourself some time
I like to save time, and I like to save money when I can. (Check out how I saved on dog grooming costs.)  If you want to cut to the chase, check out these four dog houses for your extra large friend. A variety of styles are shown, but they are all big, top rated, and made to keep your pet out of the elements! It’s a good idea to measure your dog before you order any dog house. Manufacturers usually provide the dimensions of the house, including the entrance. For most dogs, getting through the front door isn’t an issue, but if you’ve got an especially large dog, it’s worth the time to take a quick measurement to see how wide he or she is before ordering.

I really like the dog house with the porch shown below. It provides a clean place for your dog to hang out when it doesn’t want to be in the actual house. If you have a dog who always seems to plop himself where it’s muddy, you can probably see the advantage of the porch area. Put down a little rug or carpeting for your dog to snuggle on inside the house and on the porch, and he may never want to go anywhere else!

Choosing the Right Dog House for Your Furry Friend

What to look for in a dog house (besides your missing shoe!)
Tuff n Rugged Dog House If you’re going to invest in a dog house for your pet, do yourself a favor and get something that both you and the dog will be happy with after the purchase. You’ll want to get something that is easy to set up and take care of, but the most important thing to consider is the comfort of your pet. If the dog doesn’t enjoy being in its new house, you will have wasted your money, and nobody wants that.

Dogs like close quarters when it comes to their private “dens”, but when you are choosing a dog house, you should make sure that it is large enough on the inside for your pet to stand up and turn around. You can save a lot of money buying a dog house online, but that means that you should take a minute or two to actually measure your dog. Write down how tall and long he or she is before you start shopping for dog houses. If you have a puppy, remember to take their future growth into account.

Dog houses are made of a variety of materials including wood, plastic, and metal. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Plastic is easy to clean and set up, but if your dog is a chewer, you might have to keep an eye on him when you introduce his new outdoor pad. Wood looks great, but is will be harder to move from place to place. It can also be a bit more challenging to keep clean and pest free. The thought of a metal dog house isn’t very attractive to me personally. The thought of being inside of one during extremes of heat and cold make me cringe. They do offer the benefit of durability however. What you choose to go with will depend a lot on things like whether or not you plan on moving the house around, how willing you are to put in cleaning time, and the possible destructive tendencies of your dog. In this lens I will focus on a few well known, favorite brands of dog shelters as well as some popular features that dog owners sometimes look for when they are shopping for dog houses.

A Dog House with a Porch

If you are looking for a dog house that looks really cool sitting in your yard, one of these dog houses with an attached porch might be the way to go. They look great and they are nice for dogs who need to work their way into being comfortable enough to finally “move in” to their new house. When you are shopping for one of these houses, be sure that you look for at least the “large” size and then check the dimensions against the dog’s measurements that you took earlier. Sometimes these look larger than they actually are because of the included porch. The model shown here is the large model of “The Mansion” wood pet house by Merry Pet. It’s got great looks and offers the extra size that you need for large dogs. The dog house with porch set up can be great for some dogs, but remember to double check the dimensions against the size of your dog!

Do You Want an Air Conditioned Dog House?

Or a heated one?
Air conditioned dog houses can be tough to come by, but you can pick up outside air conditioners for dog houses at a reasonable price. A portable dog house air conditioner can help to keep your pet comfortable when the temperatures soar and they are stuck outside. As the owner of two dogs who went through “chewing phases”, I highly recommend keeping the electrical cord out of sight if you have a puppy who likes to chew things. The ClimateRight CR-2550 Mini Outdoor Portable Air Conditioner and Heater is shown here. It not only cools in the summer, it also serves as a heater when the temperatures drop. Very nice for places where seasonal temperature changes can be significant.

The Petmate Indigo Dog House

Made with Microban
You’ve probably seen variations of this dog home around your neighborhood. It is quite popular. These are dog houses that look like igloos. My neighbor has two huskies and she and her dogs seem to love this model (although I think she had to entice them in with dog treats when they first got their new homes). These plastic dog houses are made with Microban. That helps to eliminate the problems that mold and bacteria can cause. The Petmate Indigo dog home is a very popular choice with pet owners.

The Tough n Rugged Dog House

This is yet another favorite. It is an easy to clean, simple dog house that resists destructive teeth. It also offers ample space for your pet without taking over your whole back yard. It is a very nice mix of form and function for dog owners. If you are looking for something that is affordable, easy to care for, and well made, this might be just the right combination for you!

Do You Like to Do It Yourself?

Building Your Own Dog House
If you’ve got the skills for it, you can save a good bit of money by building your own dog house. Most people never really consider this alternative because they don’t have any idea where to start. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can end up wasting a lot of money on materials that you’re just going to mess up. If you do want to look into the possibilities of building your own dog house for your pet, you might want to read a book on the topic.

How to Build a Dog House

If you are a do it yourself type, you may want to take on the challenge of building your own dog house. Considering the cost of materials and time, that’s just not for me though! If that is what floats your boat though, here are some good instructions for how to build a dog house. Watching this just convinced me that buying a dog house is a pretty good option!

This is Why You Should Buy Your Pet Ferret Toys

Choose Safe Ferret Accessories to Stimulate Little Fuzzy Minds

Ferret toys are a great addition to your ferret’s home environment. They stimulate their minds and keep them occupied when you can’t be there devoting “floor time” to them. Still, you can’t just throw any old thing into your ferret’s cage and cut them loose on it. If the toys they are given are unsafe, you could end up dealing with a very sick ferret and an expensive vet bill. You are much better off making sure that the ferret toys you choose are safe from the beginning. Keep on reading, and be sure to check out this list of highly rated ferret toys for your fuzzy!

Choose the Right Toys for Your Pet Ferret

Ferret Alligator Toy Ferrets can sleep a lot, but when they are awake, they LOVE to play! It is a good idea to make sure that your ferret has plenty of safe ferret toys to play with when he’s feeling playful. There are many different types of toys available for ferret owners to choose from, but you should always make certain that whatever you choose is safe for your pet.

A Video About Ferret Toys

Ferret toys should be made of materials that are resistant to your ferret’s teeth and claws. They should not be allowed to play with things that can be chewed up and swallowed by accident. Soft plastic squeaky toys are cute, but could be very dangerous to your pet ferret. Ferrets who swallow pieces of these toys can end up with blockages in their digestive tract that can be very dangerous.

What Can My Ferret Play With?

Finding safe toys for your pet ferret
Ferret fun tunnel Good items for a ferret to play with would include hard rubber or hard plastic toys and balls. Softer toys should be resistant to chewing and watched closely for signs of wear. Any toy that looks as though it has been damaged deserves your attention so that your pet does not swallow any of it. Ferrets have a more difficult time passing these “non-food” items through their systems than larger pets do. The safest bet is to never let them swallow pieces of toys in the first place.

Ferrets like to gather “stuff” whether it is yours or theirs. Giving them some toys of their own can help to satisfy their desire for interesting things and keep them away from items that they shouldn’t be allowed to have. Before purchasing any ferret toy, check with the seller to ensure that it is safe for ferrets to play with and that it is designed for ferret use (if the information isn’t included in the description).


Cheap Hamster Cages for Sale

A New Home for Your Hamster

Buying a hamster cage isn’t something you need to do very often. As long as you buy a quality cage you won’t have to worry about changing it any time soon. Some factors come in to play when selecting a cage that makes the decision a little bit more complicated than buying a bowl for your gold fish. You’ll want something that your hamster(s) will enjoy and that is easy to maintain. Read on to learn more, or, if you’re in more of a hurry, check out this list of top rated hamster cages first!

What do you mean by quality?

Getting something of quality doesn’t always mean paying top dollar, in fact most of the time an average priced item can serve just as well as the overpriced ones. Depending on what you look for in a cage, you might want to sacrifice stylishness for durability. While it is true that colorful plastic cages stand out pretty much anywhere they’re set up, they have a major drawback. Like any other rodent, hamsters love to gnaw at anything they come across, including plastic. Picking a cage with some metallic parts might help to increase its lifespan. Most cages made specifically for hamsters will use an appropriate type of plastic, but make sure of it before you buy.

Stylish Hamster Cages for Sale

If you’re like must customers though you won’t buy something that looks ugly. This is where the power of the internet kicks in. With the variety of models available it can be hard to pick out a single one. The simplest thing to do is to visit not only pet shop websites but also browse through larger websites such as Ebay and Amazon. Yes, it’s true that your pet hamster probably doesn’t care too much about how it’s home looks, but you probably do. Also, you should take into consideration how much effort it will take to clean the little fella’s cage when things get a little bit ripe. Get something with a quality design that includes function along with form.

Getting to Know Hamsters

Getting the right cage for your hamster
If you are going to get ANY pet, you owe it to yourself and the animal to learn how to properly take care of it. The home you provide for it should not be an afterthought. They will, after all, be spending the majority of their lives in it. This video will give you some basics on what your hamster needs in a home.

Simply the Best

Three Favorite Hamster Habitats You Should Consider
When I first took on hamsters as pets, I was just a little kid. We converted a fish tank that was in our game room into a hamster habitat. Looking back, it would have been a lot easier to get a proper hamster habitat to start with! These models are built to keep your pet hamster safe, happy, and occupied. They are also pretty inexpensive compared to what it costs to take care of some other pets.

You won’t believe how many models are available!
As soon as you start browsing, you will realize how intimidating it can be to look at pages and pages of results. A simple trick to make shopping for a hamster cage efficient is to down two things.
First: figure out how much you’re willing to pay. And don’t let your eyes wander to items that are priced too high.

Second: Have an idea about which kind of model you want to get and what would fit right in the room you have at your disposition. Some cages can take up a whole lot of room. Options range from single level “bachelor” cages to 5 level maze ones.

Don’t want to pay for a brand new cage?
Lastly, don’t forget that nowadays almost anything can be found on sites like Craigslist. Find a model you like and then have a look on a couple of classifieds sites. You’ll be surprised with what you can find. Some sellers might have decided to sell their cage after their beloved pet passed away, and be willing to sell for a low price. Be warned though, that if you buy a used cage, you won’t know anything about its history. I would recommend cleaning it very thoroughly. I personally won’t bother with used cages.

Got a Hamster Tale?

Share your hamster stories here!
My first hamsters were named Mike and Ike. As I mentioned above, they were kept in a converted fish tank. They were cute little guys, but they fought sometimes. After a while, my Dad put in a partition to keep them away from each other in the 30 gallon tank. My experience with trying to create a “homemade” living environment is why I recommend getting a proper hamster cage from the get go.

What’s your story?