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What are the Best Hunting Binoculars?

very good for hunting

Why I’m Buying New Binoculars

very good for hunting

These Bushnells offer great value and performance. Watch the video to learn more about why Bushnells are the choice of so many hunters and bird watchers.

When I was about twelve years old, I asked for a pair of binoculars for my birthday. My parents didn’t have a lot of money, but they did buy me a pair that was good enough to let me get an up close look at the animals that lived in the woods by our house. I don’t remember what brand they were (they probably were an off brand sold by K-Mart), but I was just excited to have my own binoculars. Many years, and several moves later, I decided to get back in to bird watching and hunting. I tried to find my old binocs, but didn’t have any luck. Apparently, they went missing during one of our moves. Maybe they’re in a box in the attic and my grandkids will find them someday!

What to Consider When Shopping for Binoculars

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that I’d have to buy myself another pair. This time, I’m actually concerned with quality and price, so I started doing some research. I was shocked to find that some binoculars cost over a thousand dollars. I’m definitely not interested in spending that kind of money to replace something I’ve already managed to lose once! After scouring the internet for information about what makes for quality hunting binoculars, I narrowed my field down to a few likely contenders. I eliminated some because they got poor reviews and/or they didn’t meet my quality requirements. I want these glasses to have a decent magnification, provide a good image when I’m in the woods (where it can be rather dark at times), and allow me to wear my glasses while looking through them. I also don’t want them to be too heavy because I don’t think that binoculars should be a burden to carry. I want them to be there when I need them, but I don’t want their weight to be distracting. I guess maybe I’m a little bit picky, but when I am spending more than 100 dollars on something, I want to be sure that I’m happy with the purchase.

I Choose the Bushnell Trophy XLT Roof Prism Binoculars

So, after much research and price comparison, I have settled on the Bushnell Trophy XLT Roof Prism Binoculars. They allow you to focus at a relatively close distance ( 7.5 feet), the eye relief is 17.5mm (so I can wear my glasses), and they have a field of view that I can live with (393ft at 1000 yards). Some other things you might want to know about them include:

  • 8 x 42mm magnification x Obj lens.
  • They have a fully multi-coated lens coating.
  • The focus system is CENTER.
  • They use a roof prism system.
  • You CAN mount these on a tripod.
  • They are fog and water proof.
  • They don’t weigh too much at 25 ounces.

The Best Binoculars for the Money?

The original list price I found on these hunting / birding binoculars as I looked around, was a little too rich for my blood. I wanted binoculars that I could afford and not regret paying for if I they were ever damaged on one of my trips into the woods.  I found some that fit my budget nicely on Amazon. Since I can’t update this post every day, I’d recommend checking their current price on Amazon (just click that link). From what I’ve seen, they’ve got some good deals on binoculars. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money and you like getting good value for your dollars, you should check the price and read the other reviews for these Bushnell binoculars.

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Finding the Best Work Boots for Flat Feet in 2016

My choice for flat feet is this Red Wing Irish Setter work boot.  Click on the image to see other styles of Irish Setters on Amazon.

So, how do you go about finding the best work boots for flat feet?  Well, usually you find something wide, and then hope for the best.  No one really thinks much about flat feet unless they (or someone they care about) actually suffers from the condition.  I’ve got feet that are as flat as boards. I was born with them, and I’ve been living with them for 40 plus years now. My feet also were turned in toward each other when I was born, so there are plenty of baby pictures of me with casts on the lower portions of my legs. Thankfully, I don’t remember that time, but I do remember going through the fun of wearing “special” corrective shoes throughout my elementary years. Hey, a lot of people have it worse than that, but my point is, I’ve never had an easy time finding shoes or work boots that fit right and that actually help me with the discomfort of being flat footed.  Today, my quest is to find comfortable footwear for those of us living life without arches!

Shopping for Shoes

good boots

My choice is this Red Wing Irish Setter work boot. Click on the image to see other styles of Irish Setters on Amazon.

If you have flat feet, you’ve probably noticed that it can be nearly impossible to find decent footwear at your local shoe shop or Wal Mart. One of the first problems with buying off the local racks is that most of the boots in stock are not made to accommodate those flat and often very wide feet that leave duck-like prints around the swimming pool. You’d think that every other person in the world wears a “D” width judging by what is on sale in most places. I’ve made the mistake of thinking these too narrow boots would eventually break in to the point of fitting my feet comfortably, and it has never happened. I’ve walked boots to the point of them falling apart without them ever actually being comfortable. Also, boots made for people with “normal” arches usually do nothing to provide the support flat footers need to make it through long hours of standing or walking.

My Research for This Review

I honestly never really had any plans for writing a work boot review or recommendation. When I started trying to find some information on the topic though, I found that there was very little information available. What was available sometimes seemed like it was written by someone who never actually experienced what it’s like to wear shoes that don’t fit right without any natural support from the arches of their feet. So, here I am, sharing what I’ve learned. I hope it helps someone.

Quality and Price Matter

As I was reading work boot reviews, I came across a comment that really struck home with me. Someone mentioned that over the past ten years or so, they’ve noticed that the prices of “cheap” boots have gone up, while the quality of them has gone down. That is exactly my experience as well. I don’t see any value in buying a pair of boots for $40 if they are uncomfortable and fall apart after three months of use. I’m not looking to pay hundreds of dollars for shoes, but I realize now that I’m willing to pay a little bit more for shoes and boots I don’t dread putting on for several hours each day. I’ve also come to believe that you often get what you pay for when it comes to durability.

The Best Work Boots for Flat Feet

I won’t keep you in suspense. After spending the better part of recent Saturday reading about flat foot pain, causes of flat feet, recommended remedies for fallen arches, and work boot reviews, I’ve decided that my boot of choice is one of the “Irish Setter” boots made by Red Wing shoes. This is a well established boot design by a respected company, and the reviews are glowing. They also offer a variety of boot styles in the double E size and style I need. I personally prefer the 6 inch steel toe boot, but they offer a LOT of different styles.  You can get more information and read the customer reviews by CLICKING HERE.  I’m also considering purchasing a set of Superfeet insoles (this will also show you Amazon info). I saw them mentioned often during my research and they seem to be some of the best supports available for fallen arches. Beware however, because another article recommended getting the green Superfeet, but from all I’ve read, it seems that the BLUE ones are actually much better suited to people who have no arch. I shop a lot on Amazon nowadays since I signed up for Prime, so the links above will show you current prices and reviews from their site. If you have an opinion about the boots being sold for people with flat feet, please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Why You Should Buy Top Quality Boots

While I was searching out the best work boots for flat feet, I decided to do a little bit of research on the phenomena itself.  If you’ve got feet that are flat, you have different needs than someone with “normal” feet.  If you don’t make some adjustments, you are likely to continue suffering with sore feet every time you wear an ill fitting pair of shoes or boots.  Here are some interesting bits of information I found:

  • If you aren’t sure whether or not you have fallen arches, do what I think of as the “duck” test. Get both of your feet wet and then step on to a dry surface where your footprints will be visible. For me, this was always the area around a swimming pool. If it looks like duck feet (the whole bottom of the foot can be seen) you’re probably flat footed. I still remember someone saying it looked like a duck walked near the pool. I started walking on the outsides of my feet at that point. Kids do strange things sometimes.

    best work boots for flat feet

    Just some more flat feet!

  • Some children can have this condition, but will later develop a normal arch.  Consult your pediatrician, obviously.
  • Flat feet can be caused by tendons that have been torn or stretched, obesity, normal aging processes, being pregnant, damaged bones (breaks or dislocations), diabetes, nerve issues, or even rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Proper footwear can help to relieve the pain from fallen arches. Some stretches (recommended by a doctor) can help with pain too.  Obviously, you should purchase the most comfortable work boots that you can afford.
  • You might want to avoid high impact activities (many sports) because they can make the pain worse.  I’ve personally found running for distance and ice skating to be extremely painful in the absence of an arch.  I may give them another chance with some proper inserts in the future though.
  • If the pain is bad, it’s a good idea to see your doctor. An exam may reveal that there are other methods (some surgical) that might be able to provide you some relief.  You can read more about options at Web MD if you like.

Stretches for Your Feet

Here are some step by step instructions for flat foot stretches that might help you find some relief after a long day of standing on sore feet (but be sure to check out the Irish Setters)!

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Favorite Designer Bags That You Can Actually Afford

Coach domed Cora

There are a lot of women who simply adore beautiful designer purses and handbags. There is something about them that seems to exude elegance and good taste. The best creative minds are brought together to come up with the designs and they focus their lives on creating beautiful new purses and handbags for women to carry proudly.  That’s all good to know, but some of us just like to look good and maybe show off just a little.  For example, I LOVE being seen carrying THIS COACH BAG around (and I got it at a discounted price)!

Coach domed Cora

This Coach bag is one of my faves!

When new lines are introduced, although there are a few flops, most are greeted with awe by fashion loving women. The best designer bags are made using top quality materials. Using only the best in the fabrication of these bags ensures quality, but it also plays a part in creating prices that also stand apart from the crowd.

Not all designer bags are quite as expensive as top names like Fendi or Chanel though. There are some relatively cheap designer bags that carry a much lower price tag. You might want to check out some of the beautiful, but not as pricey styles available online, like Marc Jacobs or Tignanello handbags. These bags are not cheap, but they can often be had for what many would consider more reasonable prices. Chasing the very latest styles will almost always result in paying the highest prices.

Sometimes, a bit of patience can result in finding prices that are a bit more reasonable. You will still get the stylish looks you want, you might just need to wait for the price to settle a bit as newer bags appear on the scene. Another thing to look for is lower priced alternatives being offered by the most famous designer brands. Although some designers may consider their products to be of elite status, many realize that keep the prices for every bag sky high has the side effect of driving some potential customers away. Watching out for lower priced alternatives in big name purses can save some you some serious money. These will most likely not be advertised as heavily, but there are alternatives there if you are willing to dig a bit.

If you’d like to see some really beautiful bags, and you aren’t too scared off by the sometimes formidable cost, take a minute to check out the Coach website.  It is a beautifully designed site that does a wonderful job of showing off their latest and greatest ideas in purse and handbag fashion.  Even if you aren’t ready to buy, just clicking around and browsing these spectacular fashions can be a fun way to spend some window shopping time.

This is Why People Buy Berndes Signocast Cookware


Some people are OK with buying cheap cookware at Walmart and replacing it repeatedly.  Hey, no judging here.  I’ve done that for years.  However, I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes you’re better off buying something decent once instead.  I recently became aware of a quality brand of cookware that doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money.  If you’re tired of dealing with “nonstick” pans that lose their protective coating way too early, please read on…

Berndes Signocast Cookware has made a name for itself because people recognize that you get what you pay for in cookware (and with most things). Even heating, a non-stick finish that doesn’t end up in your food, and actual non-stick performance are the common traits among all of the pieces in the Berndes Signocast Cookware line. If you like to cook, you’ll find the experience even more enjoyable when you have the right tools at your disposal.

A Good Cookware Set for Starting Out

Invest in quality cookware from the beginning

If you’re ready to stop messing around and get yourself a good set of cookware, this bundle of seven pieces is something to consider. This collection of Berndes SignoCast Classics will have you set up to cook just about anything you could want to make in your kitchen. You’re going to use your cookware nearly every day. You might as well invest in a quality product!

Learning a Lesson About Quality

Why did it take so long?


Very nice! You use your cookware a lot. Why buy and replace junk? This is a very popular, high quality set of cookware.

I like to think that I’m a reasonably intelligent person, but I’ve got to admit that there are some lessons I’ve had a hard time learning. A few of them have to do with high school trigonometry, but others are more practical, and I wish I had learned them sooner.

A big “light bulb moment” for me was coming to the realization that it is hardly ever worth it to buy the cheapest of ANYTHING. I’ve proven this to myself countless times in the past when buying cookware. I’d buy whatever nonstick cookware was on sale at the local Wally World store (or some other discount place). After working fine for about a week or so, it would start to show its true colors (low quality) and there I’d be, kicking myself in the backside again, and stuck with some pan that I did not enjoy using because it didn’t live up to its nonstick claim.

When I was younger, I taught myself this same lesson by buying cheap used cars and then spending thousands of dollars on repairs, but that’s another story. If you haven’t already figured this out, save yourself a lot of aggravation and listen to me now. Buy decent quality in the first place and then take care of what you purchased. That’s a rule I sincerely try to live by nowadays. I hope I got to you in time before you repeat my mistake of only looking at how much things cost and ignoring what you’re actually getting for your money.

Buy Quality and It Will Last

Where does this nonstick cookware come from?

You’ve got to appreciate a company that recognizes and fixes their mistakes! Learn about this company’s focus on quality and how far they were willing to go to maintain their high standards.

It’s just my opinion, but I’ve found that it hardly ever pays off to look for the cheapest of anything. This is especially true of anything I plan on using a lot or keeping for a long time. As you can imagine, for me, this would include cookware. I’ve purchased so many bargain brand nonstick pans over the years that I’ve lost count of them. Every time I “save money” by buying cookware based on price alone, I end up regretting it.

You don’t want nonstick pans that are easily damaged. It seems like once you get that first chip in the pan’s coating, things go bad in a hurry for that pan. I certainly don’t want to feed my family or myself any small flakes of nonstick coating and I’m sure you don’t want to do that either. After doing quite a bit of looking around, it seems to me that Berndes SignoCast cookware is one of the better values available. These are tough and durable, yet they are still affordable if you think of your cookware as an investment that you will be using for years to come without having to purchase another replacement set.

Easy Clean Up is the Key

Nonstick cookware makes cleaning up easy!
The Berndes SignoCast Classic line has something for everyone who likes to cook. Here is a small sample of what they have to offer you for your culinary creations!  The Berndes Signocast 8 inch skillet is a great choice for people who love their omelets!  The pan is light weight and easy to work with even if you’re making omelets for the entire family!  Of course you can cook whatever you want in it, but I sure do like an omelet cooked to perfection!  Some people find that they use on piece of cookware more than all of the others.  This Berndes SignoCast 13 inch, 6 quart pan might end up filling that spot for you.  It makes a great all purpose pan whether you are cooking an entire meal, or just something small.  Plan on using this one a lot if you buy it!


Buy 70s Clothes: Cool Costumes and Funky Fashions!

70s Clothes Live!

Over the past few years, there’s been a renewed interest in 70s clothes. Yes, those funky duds that people sometimes scoff at, have become popular again for a variety of reasons. Some people just like to be different. Other folks love to take fashions from the past and blend them into today’s more modern looks.Whether you want to freak out your future in-laws with hippie clothes, or dance the night away in a retro disco outfit, there is something waiting just for you!

Late 70s Clothing Fashions

Something special for the Disco Ducks in the Crowd
Not everyone dressed like this during the 1970s, but sometimes it’s fun to focus on the extremes a little bit. Did you know anyone back in the day who dressed like this? I have to say that I actually did. Even though I was just a kid, I remember thinking that the outfits were just a little bit “different” than what my parents wore most of the time. I guess they just weren’t very hip.

Hippie Costumes for Women

Women’s hippie costumes
Although you might be searching out hippie costumes for women, you might actually like some of these vintage style outfits enough to add them to your regular wardrobe. Funny how some of the cooler styles have really hung around. I don’t think this style every completely went away. Ever since gaining popularity, there has always been some small portion of society (often found in high schools and colleges) that has fallen in love with this look. The hippie look celebrates what the 1960s brought to the fashion scene. It is still a wonder to me that the same decade that started with hippie fashion could end with disco divas.

How about some 70s hair?

You know, one of the defining characteristics for a proper 70s outfit is the hair. You’ve just got to get that look right. Most people don’t have the dedication needed to actually grow a proper 70s hairdo. Lucky for them there are some great wigs available.

70s Clothes for Kids

Letting your mom dress you in the 70s meant that you would probably ended up a victim of some pretty funky kid’s fashions. Here is a commercial for some typical 1970s clothing for children.

Mens 70s Disco Costumes

More 70s fashions for men
Here is a collection of mens 70s clothes that is sure to impress. The ladies will probably want to click on these just to get a closer look at these guys! Seriously, if you are going to go 70s, you might as well leave no doubt about what you’re doing. If you wear one of these 70s outfits and no one notices anything different about you, it might be time to re-examine your existing wardrobe. Click on the buttons to learn more about these outfits. I remember giving my older brother a silk shirt with an image of spilled soup on it for a birthday or Christmas back during the 70s. I didn’t pick it out, I was just a kid. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t actually remember ever seeing him wearing it. Hmmm.

Vintage 70s Clothes

If you are looking for true vintage 70s clothes, one of the best sources you will find is eBay. People often find these either stored away in their attics or in larger unsold lots of deadstock items that have been sitting in storage for the last several decades.  Now people want to buy it!   Here are some vintage clothes that have come out of hiding.

Countertop Cereal Dispensers Keep the Stinkbugs Out

dry cereal dispenser

Stinkbugs in the kitchen

If you’ve been thinking about getting a countertop cereal dispenser, but you weren’t sure if you should or not, let me give you a little nudge.  One of my daughters likes to snack on handfuls of dry cereal.  We, like many people in the United States, have had to learn to deal with stinkbugs.  You can probably see where this is going.  One day, my daughter grabbed some of her favorite cereal right out of the box and popped it into her mouth.  She got a little surprise to go along with it.  A stinkbug had managed to work its way into the inner bag.  If you have ever dealt with a teenage girl at all, you can probably imagine the scene that followed after she popped a stinkbug into her mouth.  It wasn’t pretty, and it was enough to convince me that a cereal dispenser might be a very good item to add to our countertop.  Seriously, I don’t know how a stinkbug managed to get in there.  The bag was folded and rolled down, as far as I know, but those things are like six legged ninjas when it comes to getting into places you don’t want them.

Dispensing Wisdom About Cluttered Countertops

A countertop cereal dispenser can also work magic when it comes to getting your kitchen space organized. I really don’t obsess over such things, but my kitchen looked like an explosion of kid’s cereal commercials for a while there. Everywhere I looked it seemed like there were Lucky Charm Leprechauns, happy Honey Nut Bees, or whacked out Cocoa Puff Birds staring back at me. That happens when you have a family of cereal lovers with different tastes. The problem was that there were open boxes everywhere. On top of the counter, on top of cabinets, in cabinets… You get the picture. Now I’ve got things back under control and the kids actually seem to enjoy using the dispensers to empty their cereal of choice into their bowls. They’ve even taken to creating some strange mixes, but that’s another story!

Two Great Countertop Cereal Dispensers for Your Kitchen

Bulk cereal dispenser options
These are two of my favorite models when it comes to food dispensers. The are super classy looking and also serve well as a snack dispenser in any room. It looks A LOT better than a half empty bag of snack mix! A dry cereal dispenser like this can also keep out unwanted pests!

 Zevro Dual Dry Food Dispenser, Black/Chrome Zevro Commercial Plus Edition Portion Control Triple Dry Food Dispenser, Silver/Chrome

Why I Recommend Buying a Countertop Food Dispenser

Dry cereal dispensers are not just about decluttering the kitchen!
While a dry food dispenser is essential for restaurants and other businesses which include food preparation in their services, a food dispenser can also be a useful product for your own home.

First, a dispenser keeps dry foods fresher, longer. While this practical point is especially important for singles and elderly people, it is appropriate for families, too. Whether you use very little cereal in your home, or enjoy a wide variety of different kinds, your dispenser will keep it fresh down to the last serving. You will never need to deal with stale or soggy cereal again. Honestly, this is never a problem in my house, but I’m sure there are households where cereal lasts for a little while.

Second, food dispensers are a healthful choice. When the food is securely stored and dispensed one serving at a time, it will always be clean, sanitary, and free from germs. This is especially beneficial to homes with children. The secure container also protects food from moisture, flies, and other pests. The moisture makes the cereal taste gross, and nobody wants to look down to find something swimming for its life in their milk. Yuck!

Go Nuts Dispensing Snacks

What could you put in these besides cereal?
Cereal and Snack Dispenser Dispensers can be used for other food products as well. You or your family might like nuts and small candies, or you might want to have a nice selection of these treats on hand for company. No matter how frequently or rarely you want a treat, freshness and cleanliness are assured. You can have something nice to present to unexpected guests, or have little snacks readily available during your own relaxing evenings at home. In addition to a new dispenser in your kitchen, you may wish to keep one in the living room, den, or family room.

When you are thinking about new products to add to the efficiency of your apartment or house, this is a product that is fun to use. From breakfast cereals to your favorite snacks, everything will taste better and be healthier. I’ve also found that it slows hungry crowds down a little bit if they have a tendency to fill the bowl to the top every time they touch a cereal box. You can still get just as much cereal, but some dispensers do offer portion control options, and that might interest folks looking to lose a little weight. Check out the most popular countertop cereal dispensers now.




Get the Best Prices on Propane Heaters for Homes

Propane Room Heaters – What is the best choice?

Propane heaters for homes are a great way to warm up a chilly game room or basement. Vent free heaters are a versatile and inexpensive solution that helps you to avoid cranking up the main thermostat in your home (and the heating bill that goes with doing that). Indoor space heaters using propane also don’t stink like some of the other alternatives (kerosene heaters come to mind). If you want to be able to hang out in comfort with your family and friends during the cold winter months, one of these efficient little heaters might be just what you need to keep things warm and toasty without having to stress out over the heating bill.

Heaters for Homes: Saving money when you use them

One of the reasons that people sometimes look to propane as a heat source is because they are getting pounded by their natural gas bill during the winter. Of course, if you have to spend a fortune on the propane heater you buy, it might be a while before you see any real savings in your budget. There are some models of propane heater though, that sell for a decent discount on Amazon. The prices can change from time to time, but here are some of the best I’ve found in terms of savings over regular retail price.

Direct Vent Options

I found propane heaters after spending many years putting up with the stink produced by kerosene heaters. My brother still uses kerosene in the winter, and I can barely stand visiting his house because the smell makes me feel sick. Propane, on the other hand, produces much less odor. I’ve used ventless propane heaters without a problem, but some people have a preference for vented propane heaters. If you can afford the cost and don’t mind the added installation process, these heaters are quite nice to have in your home. I like being able to move mine around, but that’s just me.

Cabinet Heaters

One of the most popular styles available
Cabinet heaters are small, but powerful options that can warm up a room quite nicely. The one shown here is among the highest rated I found as I researched natural gas heating alternatives. As I mentioned before, I needed something that would not stink and make rooms uninhabitable.

Mr Heater MH9BX Review

A video review of the Mr. Heater MH9BX

Check out this video review.

Please take a look around to read more articles!

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Where Can You Buy a Ceramic Water Crock Dispenser?

Ceramic Alternatives to Water Bottles

A friend of mine bought me a ceramic water crock dispenser when she came to visit my house for the first time. I never knew that they existed, but I really like having my water at the ready now. A huge bottle of water standing in the corner of the kitchen isn’t really an option that I like, so this countertop addition is great for me. A short while later, a friend of mine invited me to her house, and she had one too. She said she saw mine and decided to get one. I figured that if we both liked these water dispensers, someone else might like them too! They don’t cost very much, and they look great. Read on to learn why I like this dispenser so much, or just check out some of the most popular models available for your home.

The Advantages of a Ceramic Water Crock Dispenser

When looking to fill your water glass on a hot day, there are many different options. Most modern refrigerators have special ice and water dispenses built into the door, many newer homes are built with water filters fitted directly to the kitchen faucet, and many people utilize a filtering pitcher to store water in the refrigerator. A less known option is a ceramic water crock, also called a ceramic water dispenser.

These attractive crocks have actually been used for storing water and other liquids for centuries. Before the invention of refrigeration, people needed a way to store water while keeping it relatively cool. These crocks actually kept drinking water several degrees cooler even in hotter climates. These crocks or urns were often made of ceramic, clay or even stone.

Ceramic water dispensers are a great option to other water options in your own kitchen. These stylish crocks usually come with a glass bottle that can be filled with gallon bottles of filtered water or water from your own tap. Most crocks are also compatible with commercial sized water bottles that can be delivered by many water delivery companies. Based on the amount of water you and your family use, you can order 10, 5, or 3 gallon sized bottles.

Based on the type and size of ceramic dispenser, you can either place it directly on a countertop or in a specialized floor stand. Using a floor stand is a great option for those with limited counterspace. These containers are an excellent alternative for many families and look great in most kitchens.

My Views on Bottled Water and Such

Soaking the people
If it wasn’t a little bit tragic, it would be laughable. It seems that we now have to worry about having too many empty water bottles taking up space in our landfills. I guess drinking bottled water has gone out of vogue. Honestly, I was never a big consumer of bottled water, and I never understood the attraction to spending several dollars per case for something I could get from the sink in my kitchen.

When I was growing up in the seventies and eighties, I never gave a second thought to drinking from the tap. Heck, if I was outside playing, my friends and I would go right over to the hose for a drink. Then, all of a sudden, sometime during the 90′s, people started looking at me like some sort of heathen when I pulled down a glass and filled it at the sink.

What happened? This is just my opinion of course, but I think the bottled water manufacturers pulled off a major success story by convincing people that their water was somehow more “pure” than the water that I was drinking. Sorry, I never really bought into it. If I need water to go mobile, I buy one bottle of water and keep refilling it over and over from the sink or from my handy dandy crock dispenser. The other day, I actually heard someone saying that their dentist recommended drinking some tap water because they needed to get some fluoride for their teeth. Nice.