Choosing Bedroom Themes in Your Home

Sharing some thoughts on how interior design can inspire you to make your bedroom someplace special…

Some say that in heaven, an angel never sleeps… but how can that be when heaven is a magical room filled with soft blue feathers cascading on a canopy of cottony rich violet fabric, its edges teasing the purple silk covers of a magnificent bed with beautiful carvings of whimsical shapes, its feet barely touching the floor because of a cloudlike textured carpet that separates them? If an angel has the human capacity to engage in subconscious wanderings then perhaps, she can conjure up in her mind a fitting idea for the perfect bedroom theme that will contain every precious little thing that she wants to be surrounded with when she is finally bestowed with the gift of enchanting slumber.

Going back to earth and its entire splendor and exploring the tangible realms of bedroom themes is one of the exciting prerogatives exclusively given to humans. The possibilities of creating a beautiful bedroom uniquely your own is close to six billion. Each earthling has at least an inkling of what her dream bedroom should be like, if not completely wrapped up with the brilliant ideas about it already. Some ideas are not as original as others and others are not too conventional as some. Nevertheless, the essential notion remains; we know what tugs at our hearts and what simply flies swiftly like a nonexistent arrow.

Watching a Pro at Work

Spell it with a dream

The inspiration comes to you in the form of a sweet dream or a subject of self-induced daydream. In short, the bedroom theme that you have chosen is part of your fantasy world. Let’s consider Neverland with Tinker Bell fluttering her wings. What will your bedroom look like?
The first idea that will come to mind for exploration is the color. Olive green painted walls with a portion covered in wallpaper that has a repetition of the abstract image of wings in silver accents against a textured white background. A simple four poster wooden bed with light oak stain and sheer bluish canopy that gathers at the center of the bed can be reminiscent of the forest where Tinker Bell roamed. A unique pendant light with dried intertwining wood stems embraces the elements and makes them whole.

Sleep and awaken with colors

To be enchanted with colors up to the point of obsession can be a good thing only if you do not settle for just one shade of a particular color. To have canary yellow for a favorite color and to apply it liberally in your bed sheets and pillow cases, in the curtains, in the upholstery of the arm chair right across your bed and to make the biggest faux of all in painting all the walls of your bedroom in canary yellow is like bathing with a can of paint or wearing yellow colored eyeglasses in order to see everything in one shade. The secret approach that will save you from dull monotony is to play with the shades of one color and experiment with the patterns that you can infuse such as floral, plaids and stripes. They regulate the strong effect of color and create variety. Do paint one wall the lightest shade of yellow for emphasis and hang either silver frames or bright yellow frames that will pop out on the wall.

Tropical paradise in your slumber

It would be amazing to wake up in a bedroom overlooking a sprawling sandy beach and captivating sunrise. Recapturing this in your bedroom would mean embracing tropical elements such as wicker furniture, slatted ceilings with wooden beams, capiz shells and wood sliding doors, textured roughly crafted hardwood bed with sturdy base with slatted post headboard, etc. A ceiling fan made of weaved rattan and wrought-iron support is a suitable lighting fixture for this type of bedroom. The room corners can be decorated with big potted plants with gigantic leaves resembling banana leaves and birds-of-paradise plant placed as a focal element for the area near the window. Interesting decors such as sea shells, dried corals and twigs can be combined to make beautiful mobiles to hang in the ceiling or they can be made into bead curtains and wall accents. The use of thin and transparent gauzelike curtains that are being easily blown away by the wind exudes an undeniably tropical vibe.

Vintage sleeping quarters

Have you ever slept in a room filled with history and character? From the antique bed with brass frame that was inherited from your grandmother, hand-me-down dressing table mirror your great aunt left with your mother, a rustic wooden chest your grandfather’s best friend exchanged with him, to the modified rococo bergere with floral patterned upholstery that your childhood neighbor lets go of in their garage sale 10 years ago. It seems you have collected pieces that are worth treasuring and by adding your own piece of historic item such as your first portrait framed in carved wood, collection of maps that are adhered to an entire wall and a stylish bench your father skillfully made to be placed near the footboard of your bed, you are engaging in the adventures of the past as well as capturing the essence of your present in relation to bygone ages when your ancestors still lived.

Eclectic elegance in your bedroom

Moroccan elements have a genuinely exotic feel that can stand out in any interior. The use of colorful Moroccan poufs and colored glass with metal detail chandeliers are attractive decors that can enliven a bedroom with a classic oriental opium bed with all-white bed sheets and pillow cases, simple bedside tables with inconspicuous moldings and a modified Queen Anne wing chair with plain velvet purple seat and back cushions can awe you with the possibility of them merging together to form a distinct and unique look that is unfamiliar to the eyes at least on first encounter. Eclectic interiors have no known boundaries and limitations save for the idea that all of the elements, though varying in style and origin, will be fused and matched until they will no longer seem different but parts of a whole.

Lucky is the human who sleeps in a hammock with the forest as his bedroom. Fortunate is a man who builds skyscrapers in his dreams while covered with silver and black striped comforter inside a spacious modern minimalist bedroom in a masculine and elegant penthouse in the city. Privileged is the woman who breathes peacefully into the deepest caverns of her subconscious beneath floral patterned sheets and pillows in a luxurious bed with lacy bed skirting and thin silky canopy that falls down gracefully up to the delicately carpeted floor. The choice of human beings even with the simple issue of bedroom themes reflects the yearnings of their souls. Whatever bedroom theme they select, however unfamiliar and out of the ordinary at first, will soon be owned, possessed even by the territorial nature of the common man.

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