Getting Creative with Pegboard Ideas

If there is one area in the home that receives little or no attention, it has to be the garage. Your garage should be more than just a room where all the clutter is dumped. The problem with clutter is that the more it accumulates with time, the more daunting the task of organizing it becomes. It also makes your garage look quite disorganized. Reclaim your garage by adopting some creative pegboard ideas and store your stuff in a neat, attractive way.

Pegboards have always been used to organize work tools in storage areas. However, pegboards are highly versatile and there is no limit to the type of items that one can hang on them. Your car needs not compete for limited space in the garage with other items. Making use of the walls in your garage is a good way to get the most of the storage space. You can attach hooks to a magazine rack for example, and hang it on a pegboard for storing old magazines. Do the same to other things like bags, which you can use for storing smaller items.  There are also some wonderfully handy little bins that can easily be attached to a standard pegboard.  There are actually many different pegboard accessories available that can add to their functionality.  Some pegboards are even magnetic.  Some people choose to go with plastic pegboards because they are relatively light.  They do their job well, but  magnetic pegboards are a favorite of mine.  I’ve actually been considering mounting one in my “office”, which is really just a corner of the game room where I seem to spend a fair amount of my time.  I love being able to just stick small metal items to the wall.  This may sound silly, but I actually was thinking of putting one of these in my son’s room (a smaller size of course).  He loves to play with magnets.  It would probably entertain him for hours!

There are plenty of pegboard ideas you can make use of to organize your garage. Create more storage space by mounting shelves on the

Pegboard ideas
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pegboards. You can also get more creative by using interesting layouts of hanging your items to make the display more appealing. Pegboards also come in different shapes, colors and materials. If you wish to brighten up a dull garage, choose pegboards with bright, interesting colors and different shapes. You can also paint pegboards with your favorite color.  Simple pegboard organizer kits are available for sale that usually include a variety of hooks and hangers designed to keep tools of similar size neatly mounted next to each other.  Pegboard hardware is inexpensive, easy to use and perfect for people who like to get creative with their storage ideas.

Those who often use their garage for working can also make use of other pegboard ideas like having a pegboard covering the wall next to the working area and hanging all of their tools there for easy access.  I’m all about making the most of available space.  If I can get small items out of the way, I feel much more organized.  Pegboards are a great way to do just that.