Great Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas

Make the Most of Ceiling Storage Space

When it comes to storage in your garage, one area that many people forget about is the ceiling. This wasted space can easily and inexpensively be turned into a place to store everything from bulky sports gear and bikes to out of season luggage and holiday decorations. There are a wide variety of different garage ceiling storage solutions available today, so make the most of your garage by incorporating some of these ideas.  Some of the most popular and best rated by homeowners can be found on Amazon.

One of the easiest projects for homeowners who are looking for ways to keep their garage organized is to install hooks on the ceiling designed to hold bicycles. Many families have several bikes that take up valuable floor space in their garage, and bicycle hooks are an easy way to take advantage of garage ceiling storage space. Simply purchase the hooks  and install them on the ceiling. Hang bicycles according to the instructions, and they will be out of the way until you are ready to go for a ride.

A Real Space Saver

Another major space hog in many garages is seasonal decorations that often sit untouched for months at a time. Installing a garage ceiling storage loft can give you a place to keep these items until you are ready to use them again. Lofts can be installed professionally, but most homeowners can complete the project all on their own. Read the directions carefully, and be sure to make note of the maximum weight that your loft can hold. Depending on the size of your garage, you may be able to install multiple lofts to hold different items. Once you have installed your loft, you will want to carefully organize your items by season and label them clearly so that they are easy to get to when you need something.

Another great use for your garage ceiling is organizing and storing sports equipment. Specialty racks are available for everything from kayaks to skis. Not only do these racks hold your favorite sporting items, they also keep them safe from accidental bumps and falls that can seriously damage items. If you have large amounts of smaller items, consider using mesh bags hung from the ceiling to contain basketballs, baseball items, football gear, or anything else that you need easy access to. Taking advantage of garage ceiling storage to stow these items can free up room on your floor as well as making items easier to find.

Getting Organized

Garage ceiling storage is also an ideal spot to store other items as well. Combining different organizational techniques can help you create even more space. For example, consider using vacuum bags to store bulky clothes or extra bedding and pillows and then place the items in a storage loft to keep them safe and clean but out of the way. The options for garage ceiling storage are nearly endless, and adding storage can be a great do-it-yourself project for even novice handymen. Take inventory of what you have to store, and then purchase racks, hooks, or lofts that will hold it all while clearing up that valuable garage floor space. Remember, when it comes to organizing your garage, you can make every inch count by adding garage ceiling storage.  Here is a short list of some great ceiling storage options. I highly recommend checking them out. Good luck!

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