Doing It Yourself in the Winter

As 2011 draws to a close, how many do it yourself projects have you managed to complete?  Did you have a plan to get a certain number of things done around the house, or do you just take the projects as they come?  I find that I’m much better with getting things finished if I have a list to work off of over time.  I try to make sure that I’m checking things off at a reasonable rate.  How much gets done depends a lot on the time of year and what else is going on though.

  • The Craftsman brand is introducing 70 new tools for Christmas this year.  They’ve got a lot of faith that people are going to get some major projects done.  Check out this quote: Men said landscaping (49 percent), making property improvements, like building retaining walls or laying patio bricks (34 percent) or fixing a deck (27 percent) top the list of outdoor projects. Others plan to focus the work inside and will install shelves / storage systems (30 percent) or light fixtures (27 percent); assemble, repair or refinish furniture (24 percent); or install or repair appliances (23 percent). Do you see anything you need to get done listed here?
  • Do you suffer from cabin fever during the winter?  I’ll be honest with you, I’m not the biggest fan of winter weather.  I much prefer to hang out in the sun.  Some good advice to to keep moving during the cold winter months.  Use the time to take on those little inside projects that have been nagging at you (or that someone else has been nagging about).
photo by: Mr. T in DC